Friends For The Cure has organized a superb Gala for POP every February since 2013.  The proceeds from these Galas goes directly to POP and comprises up to 75% of our budget every year.  Without them, we don’t exist.

They manage to organize not only an amazing evening of food, entertainment and dancing, with a live band, but they hold a silent auction, door prizes as well as a raffle, bringing in, over the 8 events, nearly $1,000,000 to benefit POP.

They are the spine of our program.

Abbott has been instrumental in not only supporting our workshops, given twice a year, but supplying us with the needed nutritional products (Ensure) for our malnourished patients.  We are incredibly grateful to Abbott for their continuing support every year.

Immunotec has been supplying us with needed protein supplement for our patients since 2014.  They have been cooperating with our research team throughout the last 7 years.


Montreal General Hospital Auxiliary

The Louise and Alan Edwards Foundation

The Birks Family Foundation

Montreal General Hospital Foundation

The Ruth and David Steinberg Family Foundation

Fondation D’Espoir


Grace Leznoff

Tony and Nina Panarello

Anastasia Kouri